What is a typical wedding like with a harp? She arrives early so that she can set up and tune. There is no additional charge for set up. She starts playing when your guests arrive approximately 20 to 30 minutes prior to the ceremony. They enter into an atmosphere of elegant music telling them something special is about to happen. She plays musical selections chosen by the bride for processional of parents, the bridal party, and the bride. She often plays during the ceremony for the lighting of the unity candle. She plays recessional music for the exiting of bride and groom, wedding party and family and finishes with music for your guests to depart. Typically, this is about one hour of time.
Who decides what music is played and when? You can have as much or as little to do with the decision making process as you like. After your deposit is made, you receive an invitation to Jenny's home to choose music for your wedding. Relax and have a cup of tea while selections are played for your consideration. This consultation is available on weekday evenings giving you the opportunity to hear and select music in a comfortable, unhurried atmosphere. Because we live in a busy world, and time is valuable, some brides say "You are the expert; I trust in your talent and experience. Please make the musical decisions for me." Others choose their selections by telephone or e-mail. For receptions, brides usually give preferences as to the type of music they want (classical, contemporary, Irish, or a combination). If given Jenny's choice, she enjoys playing a variety of styles. Guests at a wedding reception are diverse and hopefully each guest will hear something that is special to them.
Why pay money for a live musician when a CD will do? A live musician plays the music you have selected for various parts of a ceremony. A live musician makes a wedding appear perfectly choreographed even when things don't go as planned. A live musician can slip from one song to another as to what is happening at the time. Jenny shortens or lengthens a piece so that everyone walks into the music just as the bride envisioned.
Do you come to rehearsal?
Yes. For an additional $100. This can be arranged by phone. Most of the time, music at a rehearsal is not needed. A wedding rehearsal involves assembling a group of people and organizing them in the sequence of their entrances, where they will stand and the way they make their exits. Most attendants do better knowing who they follow rather than taking cues from the music.
Do you play for vocalists? Not often. Singing with a harp is very different than singing with a piano or guitar. Vocalists require a great deal of practice time to adapt to a harp. When advance arrangements are made, Jenny's sound system can play iPod or CD backing tracks and provide a wireless microphone for your vocalist.

Jenny proudly plays a Venus Encore concert pedal harp made of mahogany with Sitka Spruce sound board. Bronze accents embellish the frame. It is 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs 85 pounds. It is seen easily by guests from a good distance yet it fits into a limited space of 40" x 60" that accommodates both harp and harpist. Jenny brings her own chair. For larger venues and most outdoor weddings, she brings a BOSE sound system that consistently produces a clean, controlled sound for Harp. She also brings a wireless microphone for your Minister if needed. There is never additional cost for the Sound System. She can also plug her harp microphone into any venue's sound system. The Harp can not tolerate rain. Your outdoor wedding must provide adequate shelter if rain is forecast.                 

For over 25 years, Jenny Glass has performed harp for weddings, receptions and other events. Her repertoire includes classical, contemporary, Irish and religious music perfectly suited for your event. She loves people and brings a professional and yet personal touch to each event. She has performed harp music both in Ireland and the US and has been televised performing harp on BBC, England. Her harp music is broadcast on classical and Celtic radio stations, as well. Jenny has been chosen to play harp for the British Royal Family, Hillary Clinton (former First Lady), visiting bishops from the Vatican of Rome, Mary Robinson (past President of Ireland) and Van Cliburn.