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  • Thinking Out Loud1:44
  • All of Me1:46
  • All I Want is You0:20
  • Bless The Broken Road0:46
  • Bittersweet Symphony0:30
  • Come Away With Me0:35
  • Dream On0:40
  • Fields of Gold0:30
  • Freebird0:30
  • Hey There Delilah0:33
  • Princess Bride0:38
  • So Happy Together0:29
  • Stairway to Heaven0:39

All of Me, All I Want Is You (U2), Bless the Broken Road, Bittersweet Symphony, Come Away With Me, Dream On, Fields of Gold,
Freebird, Hey There Delilah, Princess Bride, So Happy Together, Thinking Out Loud, Stairway To Heaven